JobKeeper is Essential for the Survival of Many in the Event Industry

JobKeeper has been absolutely critical for the survival of many businesses in the Event Industry so we are thankful for the Federal Government’s support with JobKeeper so far.

However, many people and businesses in the event industry have done few events since March 2020.

While parts of the Event Industry are starting to rebound, it is slow going for most of the industry – especially with the continued uncertainty with border closures.

Event Industry businesses need to be able to survive until later in 2021 to be able to stand on their own two feet again.

The business event sector alone contributes $35.7 billion to the economy and 229,000 jobs.  And this is just one part of the event industry.  So a lot is at stake.

Our industry’s most important resource is our people.  Australia’s Event Industry is lucky to have many incredibly skilled and experienced people.  JobKeeper is critical for retaining people – though, sadly, we have already lost a lot of great people to other industries.

JobKeeper has been the only government support available to many Event Industry businesses. 

Extending JobKeeper is essential for the survival of many in the Event Industry.

Its vital to call on your local MP and ask to extend Jobkeeper past March.

It would be great to have your help with this and to share this with all your Event Industry colleagues.

Thanks for your help,

The Save NSW Events Team